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The idea to build a bass began when I first went out teaching to Loxton High School in 1967.
There was not much to do, so I went to the night woodworking class and started.

Bass Front and neck on Shelf

In 1967 there was not a lot of information on how to build a double bass.
I took photos of a bass played (still) by a great Adelaide player Guy Piercy.
I found some info in the Adelaide Library. I spoke to a Luthier, but I can't remember who.

I carved out the front, back, and neck, made a mold, got the veneer for ribs and the spruce blocks. ( thru Ottos Wood supplies )
But, I didnt know how to do the steam bending for the ribs, and other things took over in my life.
The front, back and neck sat up on the shelf as decorations for 40 years!!!!The original mold, spruce bocks, side veneer, all dissappeared under the bridge of time.
I am a composer of Jazz Based music, which I record to CD.
I have wanted Double Bass on the tracks, so the thought occurred one day why not finish the one on the shelf and play them your self! GO>!
So I joined up with a Class run by Luthier Dante. He has a wealth of practical experience advice that has made many steps easier.
I have tried to use Australian Timbers,
- Front - Karri Pine Back, Ribs, Neck, - Queensland Maple - Finger board, Tail piece, Nut, Trim - Red Ebony ( Cooktown Ironwood )
Blocks, are poplar from a tree cut down on a friends property. Bridge, a commercial French Maple bought.

F I N I S H E D !!!! pix >

F I N I S H E D !!!!

At last, in the holidays, DONE

DEC 07

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Have a Bass party!


(Played by myself, Vocal/Guitar-me too)
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